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LED-UK can help your commercial property to switch to LED Lighting

Save up to 71% on your energy bill, reduce your carbon emissions and get a fast return of investment by upgrading your lighting system to LED.

Here at LED-UK, we help design, supply and install a bespoke LED Lighting System tailored specifically to the needs of your business. Our team of LED experts will ensure that your commercial property matches the heart of your business, whether you’re a car showroom wanting to be the brightest building on the block or a retail store wanting to stand out from the crowd. Our LED expertise can help you save money as well as brighten your environment. Make the switch to LED today!

Latest UV-C Technology to help fight Covid-19

We are now Official UK Distributors for two leading UV-C Disinfection Lighting Manufacturers.

Discover the latest UV-C Disinfection Technology

Discover the endless savings and benefits of switching to LED Lighting, from both an economical and environmental angle.

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Our expert team will assist you on every stage of the process, from designing the LED Lighting layout that’s right for you, to fitting them in the building.

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LED-UK works with a range of sectors, including car showrooms, retail shops, industrial units, schools, universities, galleries and more.

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