About LED-UK

Our Mission:

LED-UK brings quality LED lighting to you, at a reasonable price and delivered on time. We want to ensure that we source the right products that meet our customers’ needs. After all, we recognise that all good business is built on customer recommendation.

Our Vision:

To be known as one of the leading UK suppliers of LED and UV-C lighting, based on product range, quality service and customer satisfaction.  Together with a positive business and environmental impact.

Save energy, Save money!

Our History:

Our Company Directors have been selling LED lights to commercial customers for the last 17 years.

LED-UK Lighting Ltd, owners of LED-UK.co.uk was restructured in 2016 when the new company was formed.


Nick Shrager CEO/Founder

Steve Marshall Director

LED-UK Lighting Ltd, a company specialising in the design, development and marketing of new technologies.

LED-UK can help its clients, private, public and commercial save money by reducing their utility costs substantially; for its commercial clients, there are serious public relations benefits through their carbon reduction as well as additional tax benefits.

LED-UK offers its clients an exciting range of equipment designed to help improve their lighting, reduce running costs and help the planet. Remember every £ saved is a £ on the bottom line.

There are a number of really great reasons for choosing our range of carefully selected products.

Our products give you guaranteed energy savings that with an overwhelming financial case showing rapid payback for your investment.

You have an improved quality of light with low zero maintenance with up to 80,000 hours of lamp life.

We are able to offer you help and assistance with some of our information sheets describing both the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) and, subject to status, some very innovative finance schemes to help you start saving on your energy costs today.

We work closely with a selected number of companies with a proven track record, who can assist you with your project.