Crew Club

Client Name: Crew Club
Location: Brighton
Completed: April 2023
Projected Savings : 51% saving on the cost of electricity.

Project Overview

The Crew Club is a youth club in Brighton. They required an update of all internal lighting and emergency lighting.

Client Brief

The Client wanted to create a brighter and more welcoming environment in the hall and the building where their activities took place. They also had several failing lights, including the PL high bay lights in the main hall, which due to their mounting height were difficult to replace.

The Solution by LED-UK

Following carrying out a full audit at the property, this was the solution proposed by LED-UK.

Amenities, including corridors and toilets – the old twin down PL lights were replaced with a 17W LED down light in 4000 kelvins, along with a separate emergency down spot, which is supplied with a lithium battery and comes with a 5 year warranty to further reduce maintenance costs, enabling them to reduce a number of existing lights in the toilets, but to give a brighter, more welcoming feel to the whole area.

Main offices/Reception– the failing PL panels have been replaced with a 28W UGR U19 low glare LED panel in 4000 kelvins. Due to the number of hours spent at computer screens, these low glare panels have no-flicker drivers, offering reduced eye strain and can lead to a reduction in headaches as well.

Sports hall – the 18 x twin 42W PL high bay lights are mounted at around 6 – 7 metres and contained a number of failed fittings. Due to the mounting height these were costly and difficult to maintain. These were replaced with a 50W compact high bay in 4000 kelvins to give an increase in lux levels and a better uniformity of light across the whole area.


51% saving on the cost of electricity.

Other Benefits

The 17W downlights, which have a high efficiency of up to 135 lumens per watt and a lumen output of over 2200 lumens, gave the entrance corridors and toilets a much brighter and more welcoming feel.

The low glare panels in the offices gave a better uniformity of light across the whole area and are especially designed for where there are PC screens and computers.