Airtrace Sheet Metal Ltd

Client Name: Airtrace Sheet Metal Ltd
Location: Eastbourne
Completed: September 2023
Projected Savings : 52% saving on the cost of electricity.

Project Overview

Airtrace is a sheet metal contractor in Eastbourne. In the main workshop the existing high bays were a T5 49W x 4 x 5ft fitting, which were failing, and these included the emergency lighting for the factory flooring as well. These were mounted at 11.5 metres, leading to costly replacement and maintenance.

In the smaller areas the twin T5 49W batten fittings were failing and giving out poor light level required for the type of work they undertake.

Client Brief

The main criteria was to increase the lux levels across the whole area, bringing them in line with the recommended guidelines. They also wanted to reduce energy and long-term maintenance costs.

Due to the complexity and intricacy of the work involved, the increased light will also help the staff when producing the sheet metal duct work.

The Solution by LED-UK

Working with one of the manufacturers directly, we had a new dialux design produced using a 100W linear high bay in 4000K with a lumens output of 13000K, to confirm the lux levels they will obtain, along with the conformity of lux levels across the whole area.

For the smaller side working areas, a 5ft non-corrosive LED baton was used to replace the open T5 fitting, as these are IP65 water and dust proof. Again, these will reduce long-term maintenance costs.

The high bay emergencies in the main factory were replaced with a separate 1000 lumen twin spot lithium emergency light, at a lower level, as this will reduce long-term maintenance costs.


51% saving on the cost of electricity, which includes a saving of over £7000 per annum due to running two shifts with an average of 16 working hours per day.  Due to the long working hours the payback for this project is 1.59 years.

Other Benefits

All lights are supplied with a 5-year warranty and 50,000 hours working life. The emergency lights are also fitted with a 5-year lithium battery. This will further reduce their long-term electricity and maintenance costs.