Battle Abbey Prep School

Client Name: Battle Abbey Prep School
Location: Battle
Completed: February 2022
Projected Savings : 55% saving on the cost of electricity.

Project Overview

The school has a combination of Edwardian and Victorian buildings, which have been adapted over the years, including the addition of an extension built in the 1980s.

The current lighting consisted of a mixture of T8 batons, 600 x 600 panels, and bulkheads.

Client Brief

The school wanted to reduce energy and maintenance costs while standardising and improving the lighting as it is an old building adapted for many uses in the school.

The Solution by LED-UK

We installed a standard range of LED batons of varying lengths, UGR LED 600 x 600 panels and bulkheads. We also incorporated a colour change, which included 5000 kelvins in the toilets, 4000 kelvins in the corridors and 3000 kelvins in the quiet areas of the school.


55% saving on the cost of electricity.

Other Benefits

The new LED lighting’s improved light output has given a much brighter feel to the whole school, enhancing the pupil’s daily experience. Emergency lighting is supplied with a 5-year lithium battery and a 5-year warranty. ¬†These are also supplied with a self-test function, further reducing the time taken to carry out the monthly and yearly discharge testing. ¬†Furthermore, all LED lighting products come with a 5-year warranty and 50,000 hours working life. This will reduce their long-term maintenance costs as well.