Battle Abbey Senior School

Client Name: Battle Abbey Senior School
Location: Battle
Completed: February 2022
Projected Savings : 63% saving on the cost of electricity.

Project Overview

Due to the increase in the cost of electricity, and the fact that their current lights were giving out poor light levels, and with several failing fittings, the school wanted a complete upgrade of the current lighting, which included a mixture of 58W T8 tubes, 6ft 70W T8 tubes and 28W 2D fluorescent bulkheads. They also required an upgrade to their emergency lighting as some of the lights were failing the three hours drain down test.

Client Brief

Client Brief

The school were keen to look at their options to upgrade the lighting in the Great Hall, Library and Dining Room, to be able to showcase the stunning ceilings and architecture in the Grade 1 Listed Building.

The Great Hall, Dining Room, and Library are used for several different purposes from school assemblies and plays to weddings. It was important to have an adaptable lighting solution which would allow for floodlights of different colour temperatures.

In some of the older rooms, due to the height of the ceiling and age of the building, and as they are used as classrooms, the lights not only had to maximise for savings, but also give out the correct amount of light for the area. This is particularly important in the winter months, due to having small stone windows and a lack of natural light.

In the boarding areas, a controllable lighting system was required to maximise the savings, as currently there was only a standard on/off light.

The Solution by LED-UK

Following carrying out a full audit at the property, a mixture of LED batons, UGR U19 panels and sensor bulkheads were specified for the main buildings, classrooms, and dormitories.

Great Hall – with its ceiling height of 15 metres, LED RGB-W light bars were installed along each side of the hall. These are blue tooth controlled and they can be switched on/off in sections and have colour change to suit the requirements of how the venue is being used. For example, for a Christmas party they could turn the lighting to red and for a play it could be dimmed down.

The library – the mixture of floodlights was replaced with a RGB-W spotlight which was mounted on top of the existing bookcases to throw light over the panelled ceiling. When used for exams, they could increase the brightness and whiteness of the lights, but for a wedding breakfast, they could dim them down and make them warmer, to enhance the ambience and showcase the stunning ceiling.

Dining Room – with its vaulted ceiling, which had several circular hanging light fittings with candle bulbs, a bespoke circular LED light was manufactured to include an up/down light, to not only brighten the main dining room, but to enhance and light the ceiling.

Dormitories – the old style 2D 28W bulkheads, which were on/off in the corridors were upgraded to a LED light with 10% dimming functionality, as this made it safer for pupils navigating the corridors at night but maximised the savings for the school.

Emergency lighting – as some of the emergency lights were old and not passing the three hours drain down test, many of the emergency lights were replaced with a lithium battery ADT self-test emergency light, as these came with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, and due to the number of fittings, reduced the maintenance time taken to perform the monthly and yearly drain down tests.


63% saving on the cost of electricity.

Other Benefits

When weddings and functions are held in the Great Hall and Dining Room, they now have the option of different colour lighting and dimming, on/off functions to choose from.

The self-test function of the emergency lighting also takes away the maintenance time.

Emergency lighting is supplied with a 5-year lithium battery and a 5-year warranty.  Furthermore, all LED lighting products come with a 5-year warranty and 50,000 hours working life. This will reduce their long-term maintenance costs as well.