Kalimex Ltd

Kalimex Ltd
Client Name: Mike Schlup, Managing Director
Location: Lewes, East Sussex
Projected Savings : 74.72%

Project Overview

Kalimex Ltd (01273 891162) are the distributors of K-Seal additives for the car owner. The existing lighting was flickering and this gives people headaches when working under them for long hours. They were looking for the right solution, you can see their product range at www.kseal.com


LED-UK Lighting completed FREE survey of the property and produced a full report that showed that savings 74.72% could be achieved by updating their lighting, In real terms this meant that they would be saving £1485.29 every year from their lighting bill. What’s more the return on Capital showed the return would be 2.19 years. However, we were able to help them get a LoCase non-repayable Grant of 40% meaning that the capital invested reduced to just over one year.

Other Benefits

There were the obvious benefits of lower maintenance costs, a full backup service offered by the company, as well as better working conditions for the staff.

What they said about LED-UK Lighting Ltd

“We chose LED-UK to replace our dated fluorescent lighting in the office with more efficient, and less flickery, LED lights. Steve took care of all the specifications and also gave us advice on grants that were available for this type of work. The job itself was completed very efficiently and with minimal disruption in the space of 1 day. All waste and the old lights were removed. Now we have some very smart LED panels in the ceiling rather than unsightly fluorescent tubes. There is no more annoying flickering or having to swap starters all the time, plus the new lights produce significantly less heat.”

Thank you Mike