Let’s Do Business Group Newhaven Enterprise Centre

LED UK lighting replacement case study Newhaven
Client Name: Let’s Do Business Group
Location: Denton Island Newhaven

Project Overview

Newhaven Enterprise Centre in Denton Island Newhaven is a business Centre owned by Lewes District Council and managed by Let’s Do Business Group that offer over 60 units of varying sizes including studios, office units and workshops to small and medium businesses.

They offer business support and networking events to tenants and support the local economy. They were looking to upgrade their lighting to LED to provide a more efficient and cost-effective system in all their units. They found us through the Hastings Chamber of commerce site and contacted us to arrange a FREE survey.

Client Brief

Many of the lights had failing or outdated units, maintenance was becoming a time-consuming process that directly affected their tenants. The emergency lights were failing the required drop-down tests.  A solution was needed to improve their system, meet the emergency requirements, and reduce costs.

The Solution by LED-UK

After attending the site to complete the FREE survey, and discussing with the client their needs and expectations, we provided them with a detailed plan and estimate.

We supplied and installed new LED lighting in all areas including the emergency lighting which now have lithium batteries. We replaced the PL downlights in the corridors and communal areas with bespoke LED downlighting, which fitted into the original aperture. These also run on a lower wattage of 18w and provide greater lumens of 1200Lm. We fitted LED 5ft twin battens of 58w with a fresh modern design that produce 7250 lumens.

With running costs in mind, we fitted lighting with sensors in the stair wells as these areas did not need to be lit when not in use.


LED-UK Lighting completed the FREE survey of the property and produced a full report that showed that a saving of 70.62% could be achieved by updating their system.  In real terms this translates to a saving of £11,155.90 on their yearly running costs.  Return on the capital investment worked out to be recouped within 1.7 years.