Philip Waters Motor Engineers Ltd

Phillip Waters Motor Engines warehouse
Client Name: Philip Waters Motor Engineers Ltd
Location: Uckfield, East Sussex
Projected Savings : 74.78%

Project Overview

Contacted LED-UK Lighting after looking at the LoCase Grant program.  Philip Waters Motor Engineers Ltd have been a part of the local business community since opening in 1976. They are a traditional car repair workshop and MOT station for Cars (Class 4), large vans (Class 7) and minibuses (Class 5). They are located at, Iron Peartree Farm, Eastbourne Road, Uckfield, TN22 5QW. (01825 840725).

Client Brief

They recognised that they needed to upgrade the lighting in the main workshop due to the poor light that the existing fittings gave out, especially in the winter when it was dark by late afternoon. The MOT bay and smaller workshops contained a mixture of 400W high bay lights and T12 8ft tubes, which are expensive to run. Some of the fittings were failing and in need of replacing.  Philip was also keen to reduce their ongoing maintenance and electricity costs.

They contacted us and asked for a free lighting survey, in order to see how we could enhance the lighting in all the workshops and MOT area.

The Solution by LED-UK

Replace the existing 400W High-bay fittings with 100W, 5000K Low-bay lightings in the main workshop and MOT bay. The 70W, 6ft T8 tubes were retro fitted with 30W LED tubes, in 5000K. These have 3000Lm and give enhanced lighting across the whole workshop. In the attached workshops the existing 100W 8ft T12 tubes have been replaced with a completely new fitting and 30W LED tube in 5000K, cool white. These are much brighter and because of the high CRI, give out a more natural light, making life easier when working in the engine bay of a car. With a cleaner and enhanced look all the areas, they are now happy with the results.


Philip Waters Motor Engineers would get a complete return on its investment in under one and a half years, making this a really good investment. Over a ten period they will have saved over £9737 where the cost of doing nothing would be over £13,477. A difference of £3,740, a worthwhile investment

Other Benefits

There were the obvious benefits of lower maintenance costs, a full backup service offered by the company, as well as better working conditions for the staff. The lighting installed was also supplied with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.