LED-UK Lighting Ltd have, over the past years, offered a FREE lighting Survey system to companies in the South East of England.

We are now introducing a new “Do it Yourself” system.  To use this you will need to complete the form on this page, this is to allow us to issue you with a user name and password.

There is also a full set of instructions on how to use the system, any problems please email us on

Discover how LED Lighting can save a substantial amount of money on your electricity bill

Request access to our DIY Survey system

DIY Survey Request

A short time after completing the survey (about seven days) we will call to check how you got on with the survey, if you need any help or advice, and whether you want to go further.

A word of comfort, we do not sell or give any personal information to any other party and after a proper time your information is removed from our system.

All material in our DIY Survey System is fully protected by copyright.  We reserve the right to remove any users who abuse the system.