Environmental Policy

We are committed to operating every aspect of our business in compliance with all relevant legislation and approved codes of practice and in line with our Environmental Management System. This is being developed to meet the formal requirements of ISO 14001 standard and to promote a culture of continual improvement based around an approach of EVALUATE, PREPARE, PROGRESS, REVIEW. LED-UK Lighting Limited will look to conduct all activities in an environmentally responsible manner, thereby minimising the effect on the environment and the potential for pollution.

In line with the identified environmental aspects and impacts associated with our activities, our environmental aims and objectives are to:

  • Minimise the production of waste arising from our activities
  • Minimise energy use
  • Incorporate environmental considerations into design and promote energy efficiency
  • Encourage our main supplier’s and manufacturer’s to behave in a responsible way and where possible to adopt environmental policies and management systems
  • To conduct all activities in an environmentally responsible manner thereby minimising the effect on the environment and preventing pollution

We commit to regularly assess the:

  • Environmental impact of all our activities
  • Environmental targets and objectives
  • Communicate to all persons working on behalf of LED-UK Lighting Limited
  • Training of employees in environmental and sustainable issues.

The policy will be reviewed annually to ensure we respond to clients, business strategy, legislation and any standards or codes of practice determined by the market.


We recognise the importance of environmental protection and sustainable development. As such we are committed to minimising our impact on the environment and contributing to a positive improvement wherever possible.

This policy covers activities of LED-UK Lighting Limited for both its internal and external operations.

In addition to this, we work in collaboration with our main supply chain partners to develop and implement best practices in Environmental Management and sustainable development.