Leaving a Positive Impact with Earthly

We are investing in nature

Why LED-UK are choosing to invest in nature.

Reversing climate change is one of the most important challenges we face today. With rising sea levels and the impact that this will have on a low-lying island and our own coastline here in the UK, it is imperative that we contribute by investing in high-quality nature-based solutions through our partnership with Earthly. To achieve our net zero goals, we invest in high-quality projects beyond carbon, positively impacting biodiversity and livelihoods.

Why LED-UK chose Earthly?

Earthly connects businesses to high-quality nature-based solutions that remove carbon, restore diversity and support local communities. The project we have chosen to support is Planting Mangroves in Madagascar – Maroalika see this project in action here.

Mangroves are coastal trees that line the boundary between land and the sea and can store 2-3 times more carbon in them than traditional forests, making them a more efficient carbon sink. They act as barriers against soil erosion, protecting inhabitants from storms, flooding and other extreme weather events.

Why LED-UK chose this project.

Over the next 12 months, we have committed to planting 5880 mangrove trees. Over a lifetime, this equates to each tree removing 300kg of co2 from the atmosphere, while protecting biodiversity and supporting local communities. Click here to find out more about our efforts and the project we support.


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