LED Lighting for Sports & Leisure Facilities

Save up to 71% by switching to LED Lighting and improve the light quality of your sports and leisure facility.

Whether you’re running a swimming pool, gym, football pitch, tennis court, riding school or similar, it needs to appear light, airy and clean. It also has to offer the correct lux level in order for you to meet industry standards.

Our specialist team can design, supply and install the right LED Lighting for your business. Equipped with intelligent control systems, your new lighting system by LED-UK will be flexible and cost effective.

We’ll kit out your sports and leisure facilities with the right floodlights, precision optical lenses and impact resistance fittings to stop any glare, flicker and lack of lighting consistency that may be holding your business back from being more competitive.

Benefits of LED Lighting in Sports and Leisure Facilities

  • Save up to 71% on your energy bill
  • Little maintenance is needed (LED lights last up to 50,000 years)
  • Allows you to meet sports industry lux level standards
  • Stops glare, flicker and lighting inconsistencies
  • Instant lighting use with no ‘warm up’ facilities

*Savings based on a riding school that would traditionally use a mixture of lighting.