UV-C - Certification


UV-AIR 300F. Certification from New Hamburg Laboratories. This document confirms zero UV-C irradiation from outside the product.

UVAir 216. Certification from Biotec regarding inactivation efficiency for airborne viruses. It also includes a New Hamburg report confirming no radiation of UV-C radiation from the unit. There is a separate report concerning Ozone emissions from Phillips TUV lamp. Finally there are two CE certificates for the UV-C 216 Product

UV AIR 300F. Certification of inactivation of airborne viruses for the UVAir 300F showing an inactivation rate of 99.93% on a single pass.

UVAir 216. Certification of efficiency following a single pass on 99.991% in test conditions

Effectiveness of Contamination

A list of bacteria, viruses and fungi that UV-C light kills

Statement on the effectiveness of UV-C light in the fight against coronavirus

Studies on the dose of UV-C radiation required to deactivate bacteria, protozoa and

UV-C Technical Documents

CE Standard UV-C Lighting

TUV Philips Lighting Tubes

CMFT Screening Dosimeter

Photobiology Safety Report

UV-C Information Sheets

Complete UV-C Disinfection Series Presentation

UV-C Light Disinfection Technology Product Specification

UV-C Light Disinfection Technology for Office & Warehouses

Octa UV-C for Bus Disinfection

Octa UV-C Disinfection for Healthcare

Octa UV-C Disinfection for Fitness

Octa UV-C Disinfection for Offices

Octa UV-C Disinfection for Schools/Education

Octa UV-C Disinfection for Trucks

UV-C Hyper Tube Retail

UV-C Estimated Treatment Times

UVAIR 300-F – UV Air Purification for permanent installation in large spaces

UVT 72 – UV Disinfection lamp for commercial environments

UVAIR 216 – UV Air Purification unit for medium spaces

UVL 72 – UV Disinfection lamp for commercial environments

UVL 150 – Larger version of above

UVL 220 – Even bigger version of above

UVP 36 – Household UV disinfection lamp

UVS 4 – Desktop UV disinfection lamp

Press Releases

Signify and Boston University validate effectiveness of Signify’s UV-C light sources on inactivating the virus that causes COVID-19