UV-C - Air Disinfection

UV-C is Chemical Free, Ozone Free and Very Effective

UV-C air disinfection machine from LED-UK

COVID-19, a killer which we can't see but we can all work to beat.

Studies show that pathogens, including the Covid-19 virus often transmits through the air in tiny, aerosolised droplets which we then breathe in. To significantly reduce the risk of new infections, air purification based on UV-C is a most effective method.

Our Technology.

The outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020 created a new way of thinking about biological safety.

Perception of new reality by customers and employees also strongly affected the Health and beauty industry.

We all wonder what level of security is associated with the usual healthcare & wellbeing treatments.

Our UV-C disinfection products help secure surgery spaces, beauty salons and common spaces used widely by the industry.

Extremely large and precisely calculated dose of UV-C light deactivates the ability of pathogens to perform their important functions. Viruses, bacteria, and fungi on the surface and in the air of rooms, amenities and surgery areas are destroyed within minutes.

Disinfection of Ventilation Systems

Disinfection of ventilation systems is one of the key elements to achieve building biological safety.

Ventilation systems are often the pathways of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms.

Polluted air moves between rooms increasing the risk of infection. UV-C air disinfection systems significantly reduce the risk of infection and reduce the level of discomfort caused by the respiratory system of people in the rooms.