Car showrooms

Brighten up your car showroom so that it can be spotted a mile off, and save up to 71% on your energy bills

Car Showroom lights are on all day and, a lot of the time, all night too. This can create a huge energy bill. However, with LED lighting offering a high light level with a lower wattage, it’s no surprise that the automotive sector is switching fast to LED.

We’ve been designing, supplying and installing new LED lighting systems in car showrooms across the country for years. Our designs create a welcoming, dynamic space across every area of the building, from the reception to the offices and the car displays themselves, using a variety of proven lighting techniques.

We light up your showroom so that it can be spotted a mile off, making it easier for potential customers to find you and enticing passers-by to look at the cars too.

There are lots of funding options available to businesses looking to make the switch, which our team can discuss with you.

Benefits of LED Lighting for Car Showrooms

  • Reduces your energy bill up to 71%*
  • Little maintenance is needed (LED lights last up to 50,000 hours)
  • Creates a brighter light at a lower wattage
  • Bright, dynamic lighting entices more people into the store
  • Warm, relaxing light encourages them to stay longer

*Savings based on a Car Showroom of 3,000 square foot previously using spotlights and tubes.

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